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Climate Change on the Brain

A screenshot from the NOAA Climate Portal prototype.

A screenshot from the NOAA Climate Portal prototype.



We’re only two months into 2010, and climate change is shaping up to be one of the year’s big buzz topics. Our friends at NOAA have released a prototype of their new Climate Portal. The site offers everything from teaching resources to data visualizations to stories about how climate change is affecting people around the world. The Ocean Portal team is working closely with NOAA to produce a new section on climate change for the OP as well. We’ll release it in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. Climate change has made interesting headlines several other times this year, including:

  • Discovery News highlighted research that gives us another compelling (and surprising) reason to protect whales: they help keep climate change in check by storing tons of carbon in their bodies.
  • As public opinion polls showed a dip in the number of Americans who believe climate change is caused by human activities, NPR spoke with a group of social scientists looking at the cultural and cognitive factors that affect those beliefs—and the way humans absorb scientific information in general.
  • Amid a bitter cold snap and a barrage of big snowstorms in the northern hemisphere, NASA tackled a burning question: How can we be having a winter reminiscent of a stay in the Arctic if our planet is warming?

Weigh in. Has climate change been on your mind this year? What’s the most interesting or surprising climate news you’ve seen so far in 2010?

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