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The Ocean Hits the Big Screen

A cameraman navigates a smack of sea nettles (Chrysaora fuscescens) in Monterey Bay. Sea nettle blooms have become more common in recent years.


© 2010 Walt Disney Pictures

It may be called Earth Day, but April 22nd is a perfect day to remind ourselves that we actually live on a planet dominated by water. In fact, with 71% of the earth’s surface covered by water, we might just as well call it Planet Ocean.

This year, we’ll have a chance to explore the other three quarters of our planet on the big screen with Disney Nature’s release of Oceans, opening on Earth Day in theaters around Canada and the U.S.

Originally a (longer) French film produced by Galatee Film Productions, Oceans promises stunning footage from all over the world and an unforgettable cast of marine characters. Catch the trailer or visit our friends at the Census of Marine Life to learn more about the making of the film.

An early review in The Hollywood Reporter calls it a “dazzling nature doc” that “chooses poetry and wonder over storytelling and effects.”

But we want to hear from you! If your Earth Day celebrations take you to the theater, let us know what you think. Big splash or major bellyflop? Post your review in a comment or join the discussion on Facebook.

Happy Earth Day!

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