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A World Adrift: Life in the Sargassum

A World Adrift: Life in the Sargassum Slideshow
Juvenile plane-head filefish

The open ocean is surprisingly barren to the naked eye. Every now and again you will encounter a school of fish and their attendant predators, but most of the life that you find is gathered around some sort of sheltering structure like a coral reef.

12,000 Miles to Go: Migrating with Shearwaters

Migratory Seabirds: A Slideshow
Great Shearwater in Flight
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Oceanic birds are a rare treat to see because these birds are not casual visitors to our coastline—to see them you normally have to get on a boat. So late last spring I was amazed to find hundreds of shearwaters stranded on the beach along the Atlantic coast of Florida. Shearwaters are oceanic birds related to albatrosses that spend most of their lives at sea, normally coming to land only to breed. In talking with locals, I learned that the strandings happen when strong winds blow out of the East.

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