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Uncovering Biodiversity Before It Disappears

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Tusk Shell Hermit Crab
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Editor's Note: See more information and details about the organisms displayed in the slideshow here.

Researchers who come to Curaçao to take part in DROP (Deep Reef Observation Project) aren’t running on sleep; they’re running on passion, curiosity and a drive to not waste a moment of opportunity to explore. (And, yes, a fair bit of caffeine.)  

Uncovering Biodiversity… with ARMS and a Submarine Claw

Reef Monitoring Structure
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If there had been room to stand up, there would have been a standing ovation. As it was, the five of us on the submersible Curasub clapped and cheered when the first three deep-reef ARMS (Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures) were successfully deployed at approximately 396 feet (120 meters). 

A Voyage of Discovery to Inner Space

Deep Reef Observation Project (DROP) Video
Curasub Sets Off
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The Mars rover Curiosity is sending images back home: glimpses of another world during a voyage of discovery. While Curiosity is clicking pictures millions of miles away, I am privileged to be taking part in my own voyage of discovery to the inner space of this planet.

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