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The top five pictures—chosen by you—will be displayed in the exhibit, "Portraits of Planet Ocean," at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History beginning in summer 2013. Check out the original voting page to learn more about the species in the photos. Here are the winners:

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Photography, Underwater photography

Learn more about the fascinating career of the award-winning photojournalist Brian Skerry.

Skerry is a regular contributor to the Smithsonian Ocean Portal, sharing his personal experiences, adventures, and fantastic images with you. Explore the latest blogs by Brian Skerry.

- Brian shares some of the stories behind photos of manatees, turtles and sharks on display in "Portraits of Planet Ocean."

- From the Azores, Brian writes about a photographer's life in the field.

- How does he craft the perfect underwater photo?

- The only way to take amazing photos of sharks is to go swimming with them.


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Submitted by Richard (not verified) on

I know that there has been a moratorium on Blue Fin tuna along the East Coast of the US for many years. If a fishing vessel catches one blue fin tuna, it is done for the day. Not like it was back in the 1960s when you had no limits. Today's fleet has to travel out 100 miles from shore in search of yellow fin tuna as a viable alternative. I hope this effort restores the blue fin to its former levels.

Submitted by lora steiner (not verified) on

what a talented young man. the pictures are amazing but then God's creatures are always amazing. i hope that people around the world will see these pictures and will help save our oceans and our wildlife.

thanks, brian

Submitted by Azeezuddin (not verified) on

The look on the beluga's face implores us about the legitimacy of the path we have chosen..there is a better way..