Shelled Pteropods

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Very few people know this animal well.
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this creature appears so delicate and as the ice melts I wonder will it survive
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What a gift to share these images with those of us who will never have the opportunity to witness them firsthand!
Russian Federation
Angel vanishing in oil waters of technical progress and human greediness...
You can clearly see through this beautiful "butterfly". Will it become invisible and disappear because we humans must have our excesses regardless of the pollution it causes that results in the extinction of irreplaceable species?
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If our oceans continue to change dramatically and rapidly, this little angel could be extinct in a matter of years. I would hate to see this happen in my lifetime!
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An unusual picture showing a creature to capture the imagination
District Of Columbia,
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The background of the image is just darkness, which calls to mind an eerie sense of the unknown. Is there anything there?
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This is just magical!
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It's place in the food chain shows how conditions that effect the smallest creatures effect all creatures. This tiny creature illustrates how all life is connected.
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It appears so delicate - just like life.