Harp Seal

United States
This image portrays a vanishing world because of the ice that slowly vanishes behind the harp seal, making it seem that the seal is, in fact, swimming away from the small iceberg.
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The connection the seal made with the camera. It was personal.
United States
Sense of loneliness in this beautiful photo, a lone harp seal pup in a vast blue background with scarce ice and scarce cover.
Through a hundred and fifty years of industrial processes, we are rendering the harp seals natural white coat camouflage ineffective when cast against the now iceless terrains.
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The lone seal in the picture is a metaphor for man. It is a fragile life dependent on the sea. Like man the seal knows that if life is to go on, the seas must also thrive but like man not quite understanding what to do to preserve them. In the image there is hope, danger, and that fragile balance that maintains life.
the seal looks lost among the tiny pieces of ice
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The seal has a sadness in his eyes, as though he has a real awareness of the danger that his kind is facing. He seems to be reaching out with emotion saying, please do your part to help us all.
Puerto Rico
This image represents life in an area where not a great population of humans live, but can still have a great impact on it. The fact that the seal is alone can give us an idea of what happens down there, and perhaps we can realize how much we can do about it.
Seals are very popular and inhabitants of the polar regions that will be influenced first through effects like global warming.
New York,
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Shows the innocence and beauty of the fragile seal
Harp seals are both beautiful and rare, and will continue to become even rarer if nothing is done to preserve their habitat.
South Dakota,
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While they were all worthy photos, the harp seal is embattled on two fronts. Their habitat is disappearing and man is making sure to finish off the job with the annual slaughter of these beautiful animals. We must find a way to protect them both through their living spaces and from man.
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It's a tough choice, they are all so special... The harp seal seems so isolated and vulnerable. And those eyes.....so sweet.
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While I really like some of the other images, this one stands out and will have the most pull with audiences because everyone loves cute and furry animals, and are therefore more likely to connect with them. The fact that the harp seal is a white animal is symbolic of the purity and innocence which may be a driving factor for striking not only an emotional chord with people, but also into some kind of action and awareness. It is also shown underwater and not the cliched last little bit of floating sea ice. As it is under the water, it comes across as more alone and nowhere left to go, the water is cold and viewers can almost feel that. When cold as a sensation is empathized with, the viewer may also feel some kind of nurturing instinct kick in and want to help protect and/or warm the animal up. I think I've analyzed this enough. Thanks for doing this project! :)
Loneliness can lead to Extinction.
In the breeding season,they need seasonal ice but ice are decreasing. That means Harp Seals will die out.
United Kingdom
With global warming, we all suffer.
District Of Columbia,
United States
melting of ice