Harp Seal

United States
They are endangered!
Cayman Islands
If we don't act, all will be lost!
They are important for the ecosystem. We have to save the Arctic.
United States
Bright and eye-catching
South Korea
Because it is dying from global warming
Its like a chubby little panda floating in one of the most hostile yet tranquil environments imaginable.
United States
They're very informal to talk about.
United States
Less carpet please
District Of Columbia,
United States
Represents the best because its the Arctic and its melting
United States
The ice caps are melting
The surprise! How does Steven Harper want to destroys it? I could sensibilise people to to something to preserve our ocean! This seal speaks with his eyes! Don't you fell it?
United States
Most people that understand climate change can relate to a cute seal in its natural habitat with ice. The visual impact is awesome.
United States
The polar ice caps and huge glaciers are melting away and it has the ripple effect on the entire environment.
If we look closely in the eyes, its clearly showing why its a vanishing world. We always talk about our future coming generations but we are destroying all of the our natural resources in and for this modern industrial society like we are the last one of our generations...
this image creates strong feelings. the harp seal's eyes are so expressive ,so sad and the ice melting from behind reveal the end of an era!
This is a powerful image because the seal looks at us as if saying: "Please, help us! We need you to join us to save this vanishing world."
United States
There is one ocean but as the ice melts, there will be no home for polar animals.
Es zeigt die Schönheit der Natur...it shows how beauty nature can be
United States
The combination of underwater serenity and vividness of the seal makes the whole photo so deeply into one's memory.
United States
Brian Skerrys portrait of the Harp Seal best represents a portrait of a vanishing world because the Harp Seals predicament is analogous to the human struggle in light of the rising in global temperature and our reliance on homeostasis for our existence.