Beluga Whale

United Kingdom
Decreasing ice cover is literally the world vanishing!
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To me whales are both lovely and intelligent - their songs are slowly fading away.
cuz whale
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Because of the 18 that were just stolen from the sea and their family to be one trick ponies for the ignorant !
Global warming
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The Beluga whale is alone...
United States
Climate change
New York,
United States
Because I like them
The beauty of the underwater world, with peace and some amazing animals
United States
Beluga whales are in danger due to global warming
United States
These beautiful creatures are being herded for use in Marine aquariums for profit. In my lifetime ~ what's left of it - I would like to raise the awareness of our kind to look into the faces of these creatures and finally see ourselves ~ the face of love & kindness. Save the belugas! It's time.
United States
Belugas are so brilliant. We must protect our earth and all creatures.
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The receding natural habitat endangered due to severe upcoming climate changes.
I'm ashamed of being Chinese, as so many of us eat wild + exotic animals without scruples, but I'm also very ashamed of us, human beings, for celebrating caviar, foie gras, shark fins...
United States
Beluga whales seem so gentle and friendly.
New Hampshire,
United States
Because global warming is a big problem.
District Of Columbia,
United States
The beluga whales are suffering from a similar problem to dinosaurs - climate change.
United States
Climate change is affecting us in many ways and the whales shouldn't suffer from our actions.
Because the warming climate is really harmful for our world. We will end up losing a lost of creatures/species/animals (natural habitats)
United States
The beluga whales are not something you'll kill, protect our animals.