Black Axil Chromis on a Coral Reef

Fish Get Risky Around Oil

On coral reefs fish are important links in the food chain that sustains higher-order predators (including humans) and keeps everything in balance. Credit: Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble, Flickr By Kalila Morsink Whether you...
green and red pom poms adorn a decorator crab

Happy Crabby Holidays

Decorator crabs typically adorn themselves with a variety of sea sponges, tufts of algae and other bits and pieces of detritus. In this case researchers provided the crabs with red polyester pom-poms. Credit: University...

The Weird, Wonderful World of Bioluminescence

“It’s a little appreciated fact that most of the animals in our ocean make light,” says Edie Widder, biologist and deep sea explorer at ORCA. In this TED talk, she shows incredible film and...

Top Predators Timeline

What makes a top predator? Razor-sharp teeth? Speed? Strength? Size? Who is the most fearsome hunter? It depends on where and when you look.