Jellyfish predate dinosaurs. How have they survived so long?

Gelatinous drifters that move in a mesmerizing way, jellyfish are beautiful creatures. But take a closer look and you'll see there's more to these creatures than a pretty picture. Some shoot a deadly venom,...
Black Axil Chromis on a Coral Reef

Fish Get Risky Around Oil

On coral reefs fish are important links in the food chain that sustains higher-order predators (including humans) and keeps everything in balance. Credit: Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble, Flickr By Kalila Morsink Whether you...
green and red pom poms adorn a decorator crab

Happy Crabby Holidays

Decorator crabs typically adorn themselves with a variety of sea sponges, tufts of algae and other bits and pieces of detritus. In this case researchers provided the crabs with red polyester pom-poms. Credit: University...

Top Predators Timeline

What makes a top predator? Razor-sharp teeth? Speed? Strength? Size? Who is the most fearsome hunter? It depends on where and when you look.