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The ocean plays the part of muse for many artists. Books, films, and the arts often pull inspiration from the sea—you can explore them here!


A hermit crab looks out from its coral dwelling in the waters of Japan's Ogasawara Islands.


The Perfect Underwater Photo

There is of course, no such thing as the perfect photograph, as there is no perfect song, movie, or painting. Photography by...
A photo of a beach with a heart inscribed in the sand.

Your Ocean Poems

Is the ocean your muse? Send us your poems that celebrate the Big Blue. Credit: Photo by Flickr User Nattu May is here and that means National Poetry Month is officially over. As promised,...

The Dumbo Octopus: An Underwater Dance

This short video takes you two hundred miles off the coast of Oregon and some 6,600 feet below the water's surface to observe the Dumbo octopus ( Grimpoteuthis bathynectes ). Little is known about...
A woman sits on the beach reading a book.

Summer Beach Reads

Fiction or non-fiction, short or epic...what are your favorite books about the ocean? Credit: By Álvaro Canivell (Flickr name <a href="">oooh.oooh</a> ) Memorial Day is nearly upon us. We thought it'd be a...
A male surfer catching a wave in Hawaii

Inside the Wave, Makena Beach, Maui

“While the shore-break at Makena Beach is notoriously dangerous and powerful, it also makes for some amazing images. On this particular morning I convinced my brother, Forrest, to ride a couple of waves on...
An underwater photo of a school of jacks and a scuba diver

Ocean Views Award Winners, 2011

Thanks to a passionate group of fearless ocean photographers, you can stare-down a yellow-mouth moray eel, a sperm whale, and a harlequin shrimp. These are just three of the subjects in the 2011 Nature's...

Ideas for Change

"We too are sea creatures," entreats ocean explorer Sylvia Earle in this beautiful short film, which calls for protecting the ocean and, in particular, for ending destructive fishing practices. It's estimated that we've lost...