With over 32,000 described fish species, the varieties are endless. Most bony fishes are cold-blooded, covered in scales and breathe using gills—but there are exceptions to all of these rules.  


Smithsonian scientist who discovered new species in her laboratory


Five Questions for Carole Baldwin

Dr. Carole Baldwin's team discovered seven new species of fish "hiding" within three known species of a coral reef fish know...
Fish app

There’s an App for That: Using Phones to Help Make Fishing Sustainable

Video of Linking Communities to Fisheries Science By Emily Frost There’s an app for everything these days. Many of our modern-day problems can be matched with modern-day technology. So, when looking at the issue...
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The Great Pacific Migration of Bluefin Tuna

The Pacific bluefin tuna are one of three bluefin species, including the Atlantic bluefin ( Thunnus thynnus) and the Southern bluefin ( Thunnus maccoyii) . Credit: NOAA Shortly after their first birthday, Pacific bluefin...
Photo of the head of a leafy seadragon

Devoted Dads: From Seahorses to Sea Spiders

Male leafy seadragons ( Phycodurus eques ) are among the ocean's more " devoted dads ." They carry the developing eggs for about a month, until they hatch. Credit: David Gray, FishWise Professional If...

Ocean Fish Pictures

Everyone knows what a fish is: from a pet goldfish to a wild sunfish, fish are globally recognized and are an important global protein source. In this slideshow, we will look at some of...