With over 32,000 described fish species, the varieties are endless. Most bony fishes are cold-blooded, covered in scales and breathe using gills—but there are exceptions to all of these rules.  


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There’s an App for That: Using Phones to Help Make Fishing Sustainable

Video of Linking Communities to Fisheries Science By Emily Frost There’s an app for everything these days. Many of our modern-day problems can be matched with modern-day technology. So, when looking at the issue...
Photo of the head of a leafy seadragon

Devoted Dads: From Seahorses to Sea Spiders

Male leafy seadragons ( Phycodurus eques ) are among the ocean's more " devoted dads ." They carry the developing eggs for about a month, until they hatch. Credit: David Gray, FishWise Professional If...

Ocean Fish Pictures

Everyone knows what a fish is: from a pet goldfish to a wild sunfish, fish are globally recognized and are an important global protein source. In this slideshow, we will look at some of...