Atolla Jellyfish from the Waters of Japan

The ROV Hyper Dolphin caught this deep-sea jelly (Atolla wyvillei) on film east of Izu-Oshina Island, Japan. When attacked, it uses bioluminescence to "scream" for help—an amazing light show known as a burglar alarm display. Visit the Encyclopedia of Life to learn more about these wild jellies.

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I was stung by this saddleback that was on my Hibiscus bush and it lit up my world. My hand was swlelon for 2 days even with ice packs and antihisimines. If you really grab one of these without gloves, you will pay dearly. I now use caution when pruning my bushes or collecting critters from planty using a twig and jar to collect them.

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The dolphins are very neat looking i love to sometimes see them at the beach or aquarium!!!!