Killer Whales Swimming

Killer whales (Orcinus orca) have something in common with humans: early menopause. Read Smithsonian marine scientist Nancy Knowlton's blog post to find out more.

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The orca is a graceful and humble although he is the king of the sea. There scientific name is the Orcinus Orca.the range is oceans worldwide; most abundant in the arctic and Antarctic and in areas of cold water upwelling. Orcas are amazing.

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"I'm a whale and some may say that below the sea is where I should stay and play, but someone couldn't live without noticing my spout and carved me up and dished me out - as soap, as blubber, as a businessOne's bankAccount...Now I am on the wave of extinction, that means I shall NEVER EVER NO LONGER BE a whale just playing in infinity's sea...BLUBBERSPOUT, BLUBBERSPOUT, BLUBBERSPOUT, is that what we are all about? by Argisle, in my new book, just a part of the story = Blimps and Whales, a blendship!