Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary, Colombia

The Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary site in Colombia was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2006. The marine park surrounding Malpelo Island is the largest no-fishing zone in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, providing critical refuge for threatened and endangered marine mammals, fish, and turtles. The nutrient-loaded waters support rich aggregations of biodiversity, including populations of large predators like the hammerhead shark (Sphyrna lewini), pictured here, and is an important source of fish and invertebrate larvae to surrounding waters.

Today, over 40 World Heritage sites are listed for their marine values. Together, they can be considered the “Crown Jewels of our Ocean” and are recognized for their outstanding beauty, exceptional biodiversity, or unique ecological, biological, or geological processes. Learn more about this and other marine World Heritage sites.