New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands, New Zealand

The New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands site was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1998. The islands are particularly notable for the abundance and diversity of nesting pelagic seabirds and penguins (including macaroni penguins, Eudyptes chrysolophus, pictured here). There are over 120 bird species in total, including 40 seabirds, five of which breed nowhere else. The islands support major populations of 10 of the world's 24 species of albatross. And almost 6 million sooty shearwaters (Puffinus griseus) nest on Snares Island alone.

Today, over 40 World Heritage sites are listed for their marine values. Together, they can be considered the "Crown Jewels of our Ocean" and are recognized for their outstanding beauty, exceptional biodiversity, or unique ecological, biological, or geological processes. Learn more about this and other marine World Heritage sites.


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