Pharaoh Cuttlefish

The Pharaoh Cuttlefish (Sepia pharaonis) lives in warm waters (30°C) in the western Indian Ocean. Cuttlefish are the most commonly caught cuttlefish species in the Persian Gulf, either for aquarium use or human consumption. This one was photographed in an aquarium at the visitor's center for the Hatfield Marine Science Center at Oregon State University. You can learn about the cuttlefish's relative the giant squid in the Giant Squid section.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I just love cuttlefish. They are so intriguing. I would love to go diving just to watch them in their natural habitat instead on videos on the internet.

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i think the cuttle fish are really awesome and i would like to see one up close just to see what they fill like and what they would do.