Find Your Blue at the Smithsonian Ocean Portal

Calling all ocean lovers: What’s Your Blue? Have you found it? More than ever, the fate of the ocean is in our hands. To be good stewards and leave a thriving ocean for future generations, we need to deepen our own personal connection to the ocean. Find Your Blue at the Smithsonian Ocean Portal, featuring more than 20 collaborating organizations worldwide. Dive in and explore!

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Submitted by The Ocean Portal Team on

Hi Allison,

We love the ocean too! So glad you want to help. Some important ways are by trying to use less plastic and recycle the plastic you do use, and to try to only eat fish and seafood that were caught sustainable. Here are more options for how you can help the ocean.

Thanks for commenting!

The Ocean Portal Team

Submitted by allison crow (not verified) on

hi I am 11 I love the ocean soooooo much ho can I help I want to do more than pick up trash