Ocean careers

Scientists Discuss their Submersible Experience

Scientists talk about the experience of exploring the ocean in this excerpt from the Deep Ocean Explorers video. More about deep ocean exploration can be found in our Deep Ocean Exploration featured story .
Musician Sam Lardner and friends created the 14-song CD Oceans Are Talking to inspire kids and adults to help save the ocean and the creatures living in it.

Five Questions for Musician Sam Lardner

Musician Sam Lardner and friends created the 14-song CD Oceans Are Talking to inspire kids and adults to help save the ocean and the creatures living in it. Credit: Dan Mead Wherever you live—and...
Students Work on Channel Island Map Project

Back to School, Ocean Portal Style

Students participate in a map project for the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. Credit: Claire Fackler, NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries At the Ocean Portal, we love the back-to-school season. There’s excitement in the air—new...
Smithsonian scientist who discovered new species in her laboratory

Five Questions for Carole Baldwin

Dr. Carole Baldwin's team discovered seven new species of fish "hiding" within three known species of a coral reef fish know as blennies. "We scientists thought we were basically done with the Caribbean–in other...
Ocean Portal summer 2011 intern Brandon Adkins poses next to the aquarium in the Smithsonian's Sant Ocean Hall.

An Intern Explores Ocean Careers

Summer 2011 Ocean Portal intern Brandon Adkins is determined to pursue a career in marine science. After researching a host of jobs in the field, he's thinking of becoming an oceanographer. Credit: Smithsonian Institution...

Submersible Collects Deep-Sea Corals

Come along as scientist Dr. Brendan Roark narrates a submersible dive to collect and study deep-sea corals. Roark studies deep-sea corals to understand the history of the ocean and past ocean climates. Learn more...
A hermit crab looks out from its coral dwelling in the waters of Japan's Ogasawara Islands.

The Perfect Underwater Photo

There is of course, no such thing as the perfect photograph, as there is no perfect song, movie, or painting. Photography by its very nature is subjective and what appeals to one viewer may...
Brian Skerry takes an up close photo of a tiger shark on the seafloor.

Patience is a Virtue

Brian Skerry photographing a large tiger shark in the Bahamas. Credit: Copyright © Mark Conlin As an underwater photographer, time in the field is the most valuable thing I can be given. With time,...
A dive safety officer keeps a close eye on divers from the surface.

Diving in the Middle of Nowhere

The dive safety officer, Christian McDonald, keeping a watchful eye on divers at the surface. Credit: Rob Edwards Picture this: clear, warm water bathing spectacular coral reefs , clouds of fish, circling sharks, and...
A researcher leans off of a boat to tag a great white shark.

Collaborator Research

Recent Antarctic expeditions, underwater volcano monitoring, studies of little-known transparent creatures, and other recent scientific research is being conducted by Ocean Portal Collaborators.
Dr. Robert Ballard with an ROV

Five Questions for Robert Ballard

Oceanographer Dr. Robert Ballard used Remotely Operated Vehicles like the one pictured above to discover many of the world’s most famous shipwrecks, including the Titanic, the Bismarck, and John F. Kennedy Jr.’s PT 109...
Aerial image of Hurricane Bill

The Ingredients for a Hurricane

Dr. Isaac Ginis' presentation, "Eye on the Storm: Predicting a Hurricane's Path of Destruction."You can also read his " Ingredients of a Hurricane " post on our blog. I became interested in weather phenomena...