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Tsunami Science

A tsunami is a series of ocean waves generated by sudden displacements in the sea floor, landslides, or volcanic activity...
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Terms of Use for Media on the Ocean Portal

The images, videos, and audio files contained within the Ocean Portal are owned by many individuals and organization who have generously loaned us their media for use on the Ocean Portal. We at the...
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Five Things The Gulf Oil Spill Has Taught Us About the Ocean

A view of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill as seen from a NOAA research aircraft, June 2010. Credit: David Valentine, University of California Santa Barbara By Hannah Waters The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill...

What We’re Reading 11/14

An estimated 5 tons of plastic are fed to albatross chicks each year at Midway Atoll. Credit: Chris Jordan Last week we read a lot about the U.S. Presidential election and its outcomes. Over...

Myxozoan discharges stinging cell

Video of a myxozoan ( Myxobolus klamathellus ) firing its stinging cell. Video credit: Myxozoan polar tubules display structural and functional variation , Parasites & Vectors .