Today's Catch

Two candy cane shrimp

Candy Cane Shrimp

These candy cane snapping shrimp ( Alpheus randalli ) have a pretty nice set up. They share their living space with goby fish, helping the fish dig and maintain the burrow that they share in the seafloor. In turn the small, and mostly blind, shrimp...
Tiny "flakes" of marine snow.

A Snowy Underwater Wonderland

As we dive deeper into winter in the northern hemisphere, the possibility of snow becomes an increasingly frequent topic of conversation. But did you know that the ocean gets a regular dose of ‘marine snow’ year round? The flakes in the ocean are...
Purple, pink and green corals growing underwater on a metal fence-like substrate.

The Coral Gardener

When coral reefs are damaged, they sometimes struggle to grow back because there aren't enough coral seedlings around, and the ones that are around are growing together too closely. Enter: the coral gardeners. Fiji's coral gardeners, who are...
Emperor Penguin Chick with Mother

Emperor Penguin Chick with Mother

An emperor penguin chick ( Aptenodytes forsteri ) huddles under its mother's legs to keep warm in the long Antarctic winter. Learn more about research on emperor penguins and other Antarctic creatures .

Coralline Algae Under the Microscope

Unlike the green, leafy algae we're used to seeing on the seafloor, coralline algae has a hard crust—which you can see here at the molecular level in a photo from a scanning electron microscope. Each coralline algae cell builds a limestone wall...
Chimaera from the Deep

Chimaera from the Deep

This rarely-seen smalleyed rabbitfish ( Hydrolagus affinis ), belonging to the order of Chimaera, was caught during a research trip to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in 2004 sponsored by the Census of Marine Life . In Greek mythology, chimeras were beasts...
Light refracts off the comb-rows of this ctenophore.

Comb Jelly Reflecting Colors

Light refracts off the comb-rows of the Mertensia ovum , a ctenophore , producing stripes of rainbow colors . The jelly eats copepods and small crustaceans that become stuck to its sticky tentacles. View the “Under Arctic Ice” photo essay to learn...
A juvenile swimming crab sits on a bed of sargassum seaweed.

Adult Swimming Crab

When they get larger, Portunus sayi are formidable predators, quick to consume any smaller animal that comes within reach. Fish, other crustaceans, and even smaller members of their own species are not safe from this hungry sargassum swimming crab....
A photo of a European flounder in the Baltic Sea.

Flounder Faces Pollution and Overfishing in Baltic Sea

For centuries, the Baltic Sea has provided European flounder ( Platichthys flesus ) and other fish for millions of people to consume. Since the early 1980s, the nations surrounding the sea have coordinated their efforts to protect its health through...
Three juvenile Adélie  penguins

Juvenile Adélie Penguins

It's almost a requirement that as a teenager you have your fair share of awkwardness, and it appears these Adélies are no exception. Here, three Adélie juvenile penguins lose their baby feathers in February near Palmer Station, a United States...