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Parrotfish in Mucus Cocoon

Parrotfish in Mucus Cocoon

A parrotfish ( Chlorurus sordidus ) creates a mucus cocoon to protect it from parasites, like bloodsucking isopods , while it sleeps. Read more from the Citizens at Sea blog .
A photo of a sea toad specimen.

Sea Toad (Chaunax pictus)

Researchers with the Smithsonian's Deep Reef Observation Project (DROP) collected this sea toad, Chaunax pictus , off the coast of Honduras in 2011. The team is trying to collect sea toads from around the Caribbean to better understand the group's...
Blob Sculpin, A Deepwater Fish

Blob Sculpin

The ghoulish “blob sculpin” ( Psychrolutes phrictus ) , a deepwater fish found off the Pacific coast of the U.S. from the Bering Sea to Southern California, can grow to about 70 cm (more than two feet) in length and eats small invertebrates. See...
Tern and Loggerhead Sea Turtle, São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal

Tern and Loggerhead Sea Turtle, São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal

“I slowly approached this bird resting on the back of a turtle just under the surface of the water. I got the shot just before the tern flew away.” -- Nature's Best photographer, Nuno Sá. See more beautiful ocean photos in our slideshow of winners...

Eel, Embedded

"A whitemouth moray eel emerges from the reef following a coral bloom in Honaunau Bay, Hawaii," wrote Barry Fackler of his image , a winning selection in the Portraits of Planet Ocean Flickr contest . Whitemouth morays ( Gymnothorax meleagris ) hide...
Common cuttlefish

Common cuttlefish

Like other cephalopods, the common cuttlefish ( Sepia officials ) is no dummy. But while octopuses are quick to learn manual tasks like opening jars, cuttlefish have a different skillset: the social. Unlike other cephalopod species, cuttlefish are...
This is one of about 200 species of moray eels that live in tropical and subtropical coral reefs.

Guineafowl Moray

This guineafowl moray ( Gymnothorax meleagris ) is one of about 200 species of moray eels found in tropical and subtropical coral reefs . Moray eels are a type of bony fish. Many species, like this one with a brown body and white spots similar to a...
A shell placed in seawater with increased acidity slowly dissolves over 45 days.

Shell Dissolves in Seawater

Over a 10-year period, NOAA scientists have collected 72,000 seawater samples, and their data show that the ocean is becoming more acidic because of climate change . That small change in acidity is enough to dissolve the shells of animals like this...
An underwater photo of coral recovering from a bleaching event.

Resilient Coral

Is it lights out for corals once they have experienced a bleaching event? Not necessarily. This photo shows a coral reef near Bocas del Toro, Panama that is in the process of recovering from a mass bleaching event that occurred in the summer of 2010...
A pile of bycatch species.

A Net Full of Bycatch

Bycatch, or accidentally caught species, can make up a very high percentage of the haul in shrimp trawl nets. However, some of these “trash” species are now being used, rather than discarded, and new technologies can reduce the catch of non-target...