Today's Catch

A purple jellyfish

Stinging Beauty

Don't let this jellyfish's beauty fool you—even glancing one of their tentacles will cause a dreadful sting. Pelagia noctiluca have tentacles with specialized cells called nematocysts to capture prey. The nematocysts are organelles within special...
A dumbo octopus.

A Dumbo Octopus with Curly Arms

A deep-sea octopus, the dumbo octopus uses its ear-like fins to float in the water column. When observed in 2014 during NOAA's Okeanos Explorer's Gulf of Mexico expedition, this dumbo had a never before seen coiled leg body posture.

Slow Life: Time-Lapse on the Coral Reef

How does a coral spend its day? Most of us would say: not doing much. To the human eye, a coral looks relatively still, waiting in the current and hoping some food will run into its tentacles. But this video "Slow Life" by marine scientist Daniel...
A cuttlefish eye

Dazzling Eyes

A cuttlefish pupil is in the form of a "W".

Seahorse Lovebirds

Most wild seahorses (here the thorny seahorse Hippocampus histrix ) are monogamous and some species mate for life. Searching for mates can be difficult and risky since seahorses are poor swimmers, found in low densities and rely on camouflage to...

Wetlands to the Horizon

The grasses and animals living in marshes help to filter water and stabilize shorelines, along with providing habitat for a variety of mammals, fish, shellfish and amphibians and a haven for migratory waterfowl. Along with supporting rich ecosystems...
Zombie worm eats whale bones in Japan's Sagami Bay

Zombie Worms Eating Whale Bone

Zombie worms ( Osedax roseus ) eat away at the bones of a dead whale that has fallen to the seafloor in Sagami Bay, Japan. These bizarre worms rely on whale bones for energy and are what scientists call “sexually dimorphic”—the male and female forms...
A school of akule (Hawaiian for bigeye scad) explode into a camera's frame.

Akule Explosion

A school of akule (Hawaiian for bigeye scad) explode into a camera's frame. Wayne Levin followed schools of akule for several years, photographing them and exploring how their group dynamics changed over time. Read more in his blog.

ARMS Deployment from a Submarine

Submarine pilot Bruce Brandt secures ARMS (Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures) to the submersible Curasub off the coast of Curacao. In shallow water, SCUBA divers can place these biodiversity-measuring structures on the seafloor by hand -- but in...
A Pontoh pygmy seahorse

How Many Seahorse Species?

There are 47 different species of seahorses and 14 of those were discovered in the last eight years, including Pontoh's pygmy seahorse ( Hippocampus pontohi ), which was officially named in 2008. Seahorses’ ability to change their color and shape to...