Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Mexico…it is all a single, enormous, interconnected ocean that covers much of our planet. But that doesn't mean that it has the same characteristics throughout the world. Some parts of the ocean are frozen over year-round, while others never get cold.  Some parts are highly productive and others are salty deserts. Though many shores are full of people, others are far from human influence. And some swaths of open blue water are regularly visited by huge industrial fishing boats, while others are fished by small boats with local fishermen—or no fishermen at all.

"Your Ocean" is the Ocean Portal's gateway to the endless variation within our one ocean. It's a way to explore different ocean experiences from around the world - including those near to you and far away.

To explore Your Ocean, click the pictures on the map to read stories from around the world. And don't forget to share your own stories in the comments.


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