Danielle Hall

Turning Ocean Trash to Treasure

Decided you want to make a difference? World Ocean Day is a great day to begin! You can start with a few simple changes .

Octavia the Octopus

Octavia embodies the curiosity and intelligence characteristic of the octopus. She inquisitively tinkers and plays with her surrounding environment.

Shipboard Life in the Antarctic

The R/V Laurence M. Gould amid icy waters in Antarctica Credit: Danielle Hall Strapped in to a harness on the back deck of a 230-foot research vessel off the coast of Antarctica , I take a moment to take in my surroundings...

Juvenile Adélie Penguins

It's almost a requirement that as a teenager you have your fair share of awkwardness, and it appears these Adélies are no exception. Here, three Adélie juvenile penguins lose their baby feathers in February near Palmer...

The Laurence M. Gould

The R/V Laurence M. Gould amid icy waters in Antarctica

Making a Mark on the Ocean Floor

Until very recently oceanography was a field dominated by men. A seafaring career, oceanography was still influenced by the superstitions of ship life; a woman on board was considered to bring bad luck. It may come as a surprise then, that one of the most influential oceanographic cartographers (mapmakers) of the 20th century was a woman, and she achieved such status without even stepping foot on a boat.

Marie Tharp Map

A map of the mid Atlantic Ridge by Marie Tharp

When Did Today’s Whales Get So Big?

More recently than you might think, say scientists who scoured the fossil record Two skulls belonging to extinct marine mammal herbivores used in the new study, both from the Smithsonian’s collections. Credit: A. Boersma By...