Emily Frost

Emily Frost is the Ocean Portal Managing Editor. One of her favorite diving experiences ever was seeing green sea turtles munching away on sea grass in the water off of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Emily's interest in the ocean started much earlier, when she was doing science fair projects that studied the movement of zooplankton, tiny animals that are moved through the ocean by currents. She was able to study these movements of zooplankton again while sailing and researching on the Corwith Cramer, a 134 foot tall ship, through the Sea Education Association. Emily linked her degree in aquatic biology from the University of California Santa Barbara to marine policy when she received her Master's in Environmental Science and Management from the Bren School.

Emily loves communicating information about the ocean and its connections to humans to the public. She worked on outreach and communications for the Lenfest Ocean Program and the Ocean Science Division of the Pew Environment Group where her main focus was sharing scientific information with policymakers. Emily has also worked on various outreach and policy projects at the Woods Hole Science Aquarium, the National Aquarium and at the non-profit, Oceana. 


Coho Salmon

Although they spend most of their life in the ocean, when it's time to reproduce coho salmon return to rivers along the West Coast.


NOAA Ocean Today explores shipwrecks! Ocean Exploration is all about new discoveries, and shipwrecks are one of the most fascinating expeditions of all. The unsinkable Titanic, the civil war ironclad USS Monitor, and...

Ocean Objects of Wonder

An unidentified earplug from the National Museum of Natural History collection. The light and dark layers come from a build up of keratin and lipids and can be used to estimate whale age. Credit: Megan Chen, NMNH As humans,...

Smallest Coral Species

The Turbinolia genus of coral was thought to be extinct and only seen in the fossil record. But when Smithsonian coral expert Stephen Cairns examined another coral specimen collected from 90 meters deep in the sands of the...

Endangered Ocean

From snails to whales, approximately 2,270 species are listed as endangered or threatened globally under the U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA). Of the species that are listed, approximately 150 of them live in the ocean in U...