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Marine Biology on the Island of Moorea

The island of Moorea is a natural laboratory for scientists on a quest to catalog every life form big enough to pick up with tweezers. Head out into the field and watch as researchers use cutting-edge DNA technology and old-...

The Island of Moorea

On Moorea, an island in French Polynesia, researchers are striving to complete a biocode—a DNA catalog of every life form big enough to pick up with tweezers.

Research Diver in Moorea

Dr. Claude Payri, a researcher working on the Moorea Biocode Project , collects samples on the reef slope of Moorea, French Polynesia. More about the Island of Moorea can be found in our Scientists Catalog Life on the Island...

Testing DNA samples

Researcher Aimee Ellison tests samples for DNA barcoding at the Gump Field Station on Moorea.