Alena Kuczynski

Alena Kuczynski assists with web marketing and SEO at Oceana, the international ocean conservation organization. Born in California and raised in New York City, Alena recently graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Science, Technology, & Society with a concentration in Biology. As a youth, she volunteered for a Hudson River restoration and research organization, and spent a quarter during college studying at the Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford in Monterey, CA. In her current position, she is excited to raise awareness of Oceana’s conservation efforts.

Saving Sharks and Dolphins, Near and Far

Shark-lover and Minnesota native Sophi Bromenshenkel poses with her hammerhead snow sculpture. The eight-year-old is one of Oceana's 2011 Ocean Heroes . Credit: Courtesy of Neil Bromenshenkel Sophi Bromenshenkel is an...