Brandon Southall

Dr. Brandon Southall is President and Senior Scientist for Southall Environmental Associates, Inc. based in Aptos, CA and a

Research Associate with the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC). He is currently involved in research projects to measure behavioral responses of free-ranging marine mammals to various human sounds, including military sonar, and hearing and the effects of impulsive noise on hearing in seals. He also serves as a technical advisor to international organizations related to understanding and mitigating impacts of conventional and alternative offshore energy development.

Brandon has an extensive technical background in laboratory and field research, as well as direct involvement in the application of science in national and international policies and collaborations. He has published over 35 peer-reviewed technical papers and reports, and has given hundreds of presentations on related subjects to scientific, regulatory, Congressional, and general public audiences internationally. His interest in biology and acoustics came about from an early fascination with bird songs and was directed to the ocean by studying sea turtles in Hawaii. He has three children, all of whom love to live near and be on the ocean.

Listening for Clues About Sonar’s Effects on Marine Mammals

Researchers study the behavior of killer whales and how they react to sonar. Credit: C. Kyburg; Obtained under NMFS permit #14534 Many animals depend on their eyes to navigate, find food, locate mates, and for other...