Tina Tennessen

Tina Tennessen has a background in radio journalism and loves hearing a good story. She is a science writer, web editor, and a former radio producer. Before joining the National Museum of Natural History team in early 2011, she held the position of Public Affairs Officer at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC) in Edgewater, Md. While at SERC, Tina created and edited a news blog called Shorelines and publicized Smithsonian research and educational programs, generating press coverage and public attention for issues such as ocean acidification, hypoxia, invasive species, sea-level rise, shoreline development, and over-fishing. Tina grew up near five of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes and feels fortunate to be working among marine scientists who have dedicated their lives to understanding the underwater realm and the issues that affect it.

Tagging Along With Whale Sharks

The sea's largest fish has been a mystery until recent decades. Thanks to electronic tags, researchers are uncovering some of the secrets of the whale shark ( Rhincodon typus Smith, 1828 ). One tagged animal, dubbed "Rio...

Endangered Species Day, Pick Three

A Galapagos sea lion rests on a beach in Ecuador. Credit: Rod Mast/Marine Photobank It's Endangered Species Day. It's not something to really celebrate, but we hope you spend some of the 24 hours taking stock of the planet's...

Acanthaster planci

Scientists have been studying why populations of crown-of-thorns sea stars ( Acanthaster planci ) have mushroomed in recent decades. Coral reefs can suffer when the sea star's numbers explode because the echinoderm has a...

Summer Beach Reads

Fiction or non-fiction, short or epic...what are your favorite books about the ocean? Credit: By Álvaro Canivell (Flickr name <a href=" http://www.flickr.com/photos/ooohoooh/">oooh.oooh</a> ) Memorial Day is...

Ocean Reading

Fiction or non-fiction, short or epic...what are your favorite books about the ocean ?

World Ocean Day 2011 'Splash' Mob

It was a typical summer day in the Sant Ocean Hall at the National Museum of Natural History. Visitors were examining the giant squid and marveling at the life-size replica of Phoenix, the right whale . The only thing odd...

Leafy Seadragon

Male leafy seadragons ( Phycodurus eques ) are among the ocean's more " devoted dads ." They carry the developing eggs for about a month, until they hatch. Seadragons are closely related to seahorses.

2011 Ocean Hero, Sophi Bromenshenkel

Shark-lover and Minnesota native Sophi Bromenshenkel poses with her hammerhead snow sculpture. The eight-year-old is one of Oceana's 2011 Ocean Heroes .