The Time For Earth Optimism is Now

Earth as seen from a satellite.
Earth as seen from a satellite. (NASA)
Credit: World Ocean Observatory

Here at the Smithsonian we think the time for Earth Optimism is now. So we are bringing together stories of success at the Earth Optimism Summit to be held April 21-23rd, 2017 in Washington, DC. The gathering will bring global leaders, everyday citizens, scientists, journalists and students to discuss and share solutions – what are the best minds, boldest experiments, and most innovative community practices telling us about how to preserve biodiversity, protect natural resources, and address climate change?

We will be featuring stories of Ocean Optimism here on the Ocean Portal (you can see many stories on our “Solutions and Success Stories” page) and our friends at World Ocean Observatory will be sharing success stories on World Ocean Radio every week leading up to the Earth Optimism Summit on Earth Day 2017.

Already on World Ocean Radio they have featured stories of marine protected areas, individuals making progress in ocean conservation, the return of seagrass to Tampa Bay, and innovative climate change solutions. You can listen to the first episode above, and more on their website

We hope that you go listen and check back every week for a new story of success on World Ocean Radio!

November 2016