Terms of Use for Media on the Ocean Portal

The images, videos, and audio files contained within the Ocean Portal are owned by many individuals and organization who have generously loaned us their media for use on the Ocean Portal. We at the Smithsonian Institution—and our collaborators—encourage you to use the Ocean Portal as an educational tool with your family and friends or in your classroom, but use of media outside the Ocean Portal context (i.e. use of images, videos, or audio files on your own website, in a presentation, or in print materials) is subject to the following restrictions: 1) No commercial use of media is permitted. Media may not be sold in any form or used to promote or sell any service or product. 2) Images, videos, and audio files that are credited “Smithsonian Institution” are free to use for personal and educational purposes so long as proper attribution is retained (see exception in #3 below). Any credit information provided on or adjacent to the media must be included. 3) Media provided by other groups or individuals, including videos credited to “Smithsonian Institution & History Channel,” carry additional restrictions. At this time, we cannot permit the use of these third-party materials outside the context of the Ocean Portal. We are currently working with our collaborators on an agreement that would allow for educational use of these materials, but these restrictions apply until further notice. If you have questions about these terms, please contact us at ocean@si.edu.

March 2010