Cyprus Shipwreck Discovery

A researcher takes notes at the site of an ancient shipwreck recently discovered in Mazotas, Cyprus. The ship went down in the 4th century B.C. loaded with expensive and sought-after wine from Greece.
University of Cyprus

This over 2,000-year-old shipwreck in Mazotas, Cyprus, was discovered in 2007. The ship was loaded with wine from Chios, one of the most expensive and sought-after Greek wines in antiquity. The University of Cyprus, in collaboration with the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus and the THETIS Foundation, organized the first Cypriot underwater project and recently began excavation at the site. It is expected to shed light on ancient seafaring and sea routes, commerce in the region, the sizes and gear of cargo ships, the living conditions on board and much more. The exhibition Cyprus: Crossroads of Civilizations is on view at the museum through May 1, 2011.