Brandon Adkins

Aquarist, high school student, and freediver Brandon Adkins joined the Smithsonian Ocean Portal team as an intern for summer 2011. Having a strong passion for marine science Brandon volunteers at the National Aquarium in Washington, D.C., and manages his own saltwater aquarium. Since Brandon was three feet tall and only getting his feet wet at the beach, the ocean has been his second home. Brandon will be a senior at Suitland High School in Suitland, MD, in fall 2011 and plans to start pursuing a degree in marine science in 2012. He grew up playing a variety of sports to stay in shape to battle the powerful currents of the ocean.

An Intern Explores Ocean Careers

Summer 2011 Ocean Portal intern Brandon Adkins is determined to pursue a career in marine science. After researching a host of jobs in the field, he's thinking of becoming an oceanographer. Credit: Smithsonian Institution I’...