10 Things You Never Knew About Seahorses


By Lindsay Aylesworth, Project Seahorse

The day I stepped into my wetsuit, donned my mask, and embarked on my first scuba dive was the day I decided to be a marine biologist. Little did I know that my love of the sea would lead to studying one of the coolest, most charismatic yet cryptic creatures: the seahorse. It all started with an undergrad project where, as luck would have it, I was unknowingly "saddled" with this amazing group of animals, which has now turned into a life-long passion and the subject of my Ph.D research.

Seahorses are caught for the aquarium and traditional medicine trades, but their biology and habitat associations make them susceptible to decline. My research focuses on how seahorses grow and reproduce in areas with and without fishing to ensure seahorse fisheries are sustainable. Seahorses have so many unusual characteristics and behaviors that it’s easy to see why they’re so interesting to study. So for all those ocean enthusiasts and those who are yet to be converted, here are my top ten fun facts about seahorses.