Pacific Sea Nettles

Photograph of several large jellyfish with orange bells, dark red tentacles, and pale ruffly oral arms, swimming against a bright blue aquarium background.
Brian Gratwicke, Flickr

These large jellyfish (Chrysaora fuscescens) are most commonly found along the coasts of California and Oregon. (They're also popular in the displays of public aquaria.) Their bells can grow to a diameter of around 1 foot (30 cm), with red stinging tentacles and oral arms extending far below. Pacific sea nettles have a varied diet, which includes fish, comb jellies, floating snails, and other jellyfish. Despite their sting (which is painful to humans but rarely dangerous), sea nettles are eaten by sea turtles, as well as several species of large fish and marine birds. Read more about jellyfish and comb jellies