Catherine Sutera talking with students.

Catherine Sutera

Catherine Sutera joined the Smithsonian as an Assistant Ocean Science Educator at the National Museum of Natural History. She is now an Education Interpreter at South Carolina Aquarium. Catherine has a Master’s in Natural Science from Louisiana State University where she did her thesis on the impact of informal science education. She also did her undergraduate work at LSU, majoring in biology, with a marine biology concentration. Before coming to the Smithsonian, Catherine was a graduate assistant with the Louisiana Sea Grant office where she developed informal educational materials and helped organize a day-long ocean education event for K-8 students. She has also worked with the Audubon Zoo, the LSU Museum of Natural History, and the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center. Catherine has also participated in field research, spending a summer with the Marine Biological Laboratory in Plum Island Watershed in Massachusetts.