Biomimicry Shark Denticles

Great White Sharks are stealthy hunters and the secret is in their skin. Shark skin is covered by tiny flat V-shaped scales, called dermal denticles, that are more like teeth than fish scales. These denticles decrease drag and turbulence, allowing the shark to swim faster and more quietly. Olympian swimsuit designers have taken a page from the shark’s playbook and created a fabric that mimics the exact proportion of the shark’s denticles, hugely improving a swimmer’s speed. More about the great white shark can be found in our great white shark featured story.

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this is in the top two results for dermal denticles. I need scientific info please.

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cool cool

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so cool!!!!!!!!

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so cool

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They should use use the texture for subs, so subs can scour the seas easier. If it works on scuba divers, then they should put it on subs. It might then be easier to steer subs.

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SHARKS ARE SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY ARE SO AWESOME

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Wow I never knew that. Now I really want to be a shark so I can swim fast!!! :P

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Sharks are cool

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this is an awesome creature and such a useful site of information

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Sharks are amazing they should develop something thats like a suit like flippers but makes you reall fast

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I fish for sharks, but i have never ever even seen a great white

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Sharks are scary and cool but I think you should have more to it than the great white shark and a few denticles

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i luv sharks so much did u know a cookie cutter shark leaves a circle on it victim witch attracts bigger sharks to eat it or it will lose all its blood die and rot