Blackbeard’s Pirate Flag

Blackbeard’s flag showed a skeleton piercing a heart and toasting the devil. Watch a slideshow about legendary pirates of the Golden Age, and learn more about an unusual pirate: William Dampier, who also was a scientist and naturalist.

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Submitted by Michael H. Maggelet (not verified) on

The "Blackbeard" flag depicted, with a horned skeleton holding an hourglass and spear towards a bleeding heart, is fictional. UK pirate historian Edward Foxe used to have an excellent website on pirate flags, which featured the mythical flags and the facts surrounding the documented ones.
Other than the more common black flags depicted in Captain Charles Johnson's 1724 book "A General History of the Pyrates", Teach was noted in one colonial document as flying a "death's head"- a black flag with a white skull.
The only pirates known for flying a figure of a skeleton (no horns) with a dart and bleeding heart included Edward Low and John Quelch.