Early Whale with Webbed Feet

This early whale was well suited to life at sea. But it also lived on land. An ancestor of the right whaleMaiacetus lived 49-40 million years ago. It had flipper-like limbs and webbed feet, like modern seals. But it also had ankle bones - clues that although Maiacetus swam, its ancestors walked. As later whales evolved to become more aquatic, the telltale anklebone disappeared. Find more about ancient ocean predators at Who's on Top? Learn more about ancient whales on our Paleobiology Blog.

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Submitted by ThatGuy (not verified) on

Thanks to the author and the illustrator
I like to see how artists and scientists
can imagine how early ancestors of our present-day animals looked

Submitted by Marina Shane (not verified) on

WOW! That is so cool. It almost has frog-feet!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

it looks like a crocodile with frog feet and fur.