Giant Squid Caught Live On Screen

In 2012, the long-elusive giant squid was finally filmed live in its natural habitat. The squid was found by placing glowing lures outside of a submersible to mimic jellyfish, which typically indicate to the squid that food is nearby. Before this encounter, the giant squid had never been observed in its natural environment, and the only film had been taken of a squid caught on a hook and brought to the surface. You can read more about the search for the giant squid on video from Clyde Roper, the Smithsonian's own giant squid expert.

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Submitted by diana (not verified) on

it very nice

Submitted by Gleek Downson (not verified) on

I <3 the silver

Submitted by Esroh Parc (not verified) on

wow 20,000 leagues wasn't a complete fiction after all. really makes you think about what is underneath the ocean doesn't it?

Submitted by Luis Figueredo (not verified) on

Fantastic, but not surprise, by know we, meaning de world, know there are,
innumerably amount of unknown creatures undiscovered in the world seas.

Submitted by scott colglazier (not verified) on

yet another reason I swim on top of the ocean waters! however knowing this sort of monster is below me makes me wish I could walk on water as Christ did!! lol

Submitted by JoAnne Klein (not verified) on

Incredible! But consider: ravaging the oceans with sonar, testing, undersea explosions, and currently, a move which Environmentalists say oceans and sea creatures would be harmed by drilling or even seismic testing - such testing to be done with undersea air guns they say can harm whales, dolphins and fish. (Partial quote from Huffington Post Green:
Oil Industry Pushing For Offshore Drilling In The Atlantic As White House Weighs Seismic Exploration) So, the question is, while it's interesting to discover new species, is it worth it to find them by destroying their habitat? I think not.

Submitted by hypnagogic jerk (not verified) on

What's that tentacle doing up it's nozzle? Looks like it's picking it's nose.

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Submitted by Lucian (not verified) on

Awesome photo