NOAA Teacher at Sea Ruth Meadows

A teacher from Opelika Middle School in Alabama becomes part of a scientific team that may have discovered a new species! Learn more about her adventure and the NOAA sponsored “Teacher at Sea” program. In this photo, NOAA Teacher at Sea, Ruth Meadows, holds up a strange sea creature called a Chimaera. The Chimaera’s closest living relatives are sharks.

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Submitted by The Ocean Portal Team on

Thanks for your comment and for teaching your students the importance of looking and not touching, especially in a National Marine Sanctuary. The subject of human impacts is hugely important, and over the next few months we’ll be expanding areas of the OP that address ocean stewardship. We hope you’ll come back and explore the new material with your students. Happy tidepooling!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Wow, hope that sea creature wasn't the "last one"...We're going tidepooling with some students tomorrow and one main concept is the human impact factor on marine life. Hope they understand about NOT taking creatures out of the water, etc. and how to observe life as it is in the tidepools, especially since we're visiting the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Anyway, this is my first time visiting the SI page and we'll definitely be back along with other students to have a "study trip" as we surf your website. Thanks!