Whale Tracking Device

This radio device is used to track North Atlantic right whales. Suction cups hold the device to a whale's back, where it records data such as depth, water, temperature, and underwater sounds. These tags can be used on many species of whales, including blue whales and humpbacks, and other versions have been used to study many other ocean animals. Read more about right whales in the Tale of a Right Whale slideshow.

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I plan to travel to the Ross Sea in January 2015----conditions permitting. It is the most amazing landscape/seascape in the whole world. I am anxious to learn as much about this area as possible...

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Very interesting, Amy. Very proud of your work. I saw an interview with someone from Woods Hole this past week discussing the Malaysian Airliner flight 370 and how difficult the search was due to swift currents in the area they were searching. It didn't saw if WHOI was searching also or if it was just an experts opinion that they were seeking.
I put flowers on Donna's grave this past week. Told her about her children and grandchildren.
All my love to you and your family