Lionfish on the Loose

The majestic and highly predatory red lionfish (Pterois volitans), native to the Indo-Pacific, is invading Atlantic waters. The lionfish is a popular home aquarium species, and some were most likely dumped off the Florida coast when no longer wanted. The result is a lionfish population explosion that now threatens native species like snapper, grouper, and sea bass. Read "Five Invasive Species You Should Know" to learn about other marine invaders. You can also explore more videos about the ocean realm at NOAA Ocean Today.

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Submitted by ABC (not verified) on

Awesome Video!
Lionfish do look pretty cool, but they need to be taken care of soon
the lionfish could mess up our coast big-time
Thanks to the author and the NOAA and anybody else who worked on this

Submitted by ThatGuy (not verified) on

Thanks to the NOAA
This video was very informative about the lion fish as an invasive species
The release of apex predators into ecosystems can lead to some very catastrophic results
The lionfish in particular has the capability to destroy up to one-third of the biodiversity in
the gulf stream off the east coast
Thanks to the author, this video included very adequate information