Protecting Sharks: How Nets Hurt

Tom Peschak, a photojournalist with the Save Our Seas Foundation, describes the devastating effects shark nets have on ocean life along the South African coastline. The nets were installed to protect swimmers, but the video reveals the shark nets’ damage to fish, whales, turtles and dolphins as well as sharks.  Recent efforts to improve shark barriers have reduced marine animal deaths, while still protecting human swimmers. More about the great white shark can be found in our Great White Shark featured story.

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Submitted by Natura Esperire (not verified) on

Thank you for your interesting report! I would be happy to link it to my blog and giving to my readers a short summary in Italian.
There is still so much unawareness about how marine ecosistems work and about the importance of sharks for healthy seas and oceans!

Submitted by Mirelle (not verified) on

It´s really sad this situation, this amaizing animals are so innocents, human beings are blind!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

who would think of doing that? humans are horrible beings. I know that I am insulting us but we kill like thousands of sharks