Submarine Volcanoes Erupting

Did you know that 80 percent of the volcanic eruptions on Earth take place underwater? These underwater eruptions occur regularly, forming new landmasses and providing a living environment for deep-sea creatures. In 2009, scientists discovered the deepest ocean eruption ever found—the West Mata Volcano. Explore other videos that capture the beauty and mystery of the ocean realm at NOAA Ocean Today.

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Submitted by Tawni (not verified) on

fabulous display of underwater volcanoes

Submitted by Jed (not verified) on

so cool

Submitted by Dennis (not verified) on

Why don't these volcanoes contribute more to ocean/global warming than a few ppm CO2?

Submitted by s.k.f (not verified) on

spectular events under the ocean it is beautiful and it could even be the many great volcanic eruption if it have reborn into a island or mainland country what i do not like about the video they do not show us clearly thank you

Submitted by maria isabel lara partosa (not verified) on

God created a lot of beautiful natures but some are dangerous unexpectedly and i am hoping that the mankind are all safe.
But everything has a lot of reasons and everything has its own purpose and only God knows.
Since everything is nature and has its own purpose we may take good care of them. Because one day sometimes is also a big advantage for us but it is very dis advantage to others.All human being and other creatures will just realize that some natures are good and some are not.