Celebrating Marine Moms

The ocean is home to many moms of all shapes and sizes: from charismatic polar bears and dolphins to small fishes and shrimps and more. Learn about some of the diverse parenting habits of marine moms to ensure that at least some of their offspring survive to adulthood.

A polar bear and its cub in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska.
The right whale Phoenix, and her calf, swimming off the coast of Florida. Photo of a mantis shrimpLaysan albatross with a chick. A bottlenose dolphin carries a sponge, which it uses as a tool to dig up prey from the seafloor.Snapping shrimp queen with eggs.Emperor Penguin Chick with MotherCardinalfish dads protect their eggs by gingerly carrying them in their mouths.Two bright orange anemonefish poke their heads between anemone tentacles.Photo of a sperm whale just below the water's surface.A deep-sea octopus protecting her eggs