Image Gallery: Swimming with Sharks

For nearly 30 years, National Geographic photojournalist Brian Skerry has been swimming with and photographing sharks, including great whites, tigers, bulls, blacktips, and great hammerheads all around the world. In his first blog post for the Smithsonian Ocean Portal, "Swimming with Sharks," Skerry reflects on these exhilirating experiences.


An oceanic whitetip shark swims near a biologist in the Bahamas.
A blue shark, with a copepod attached to its dorsal fin, coasts through waters near New England.A lemon shark pup swims through its shallow mangrove nursery off the coast of Bimini Island in the Bahamas.A male great hammerhead shark swims just below the surface of the water in the Bahamas at sunset.Three bar jacks and a female tiger shark swim through the ocean off the coast of the Bahamas.A shortfin mako glides through the waters off the coast of California.Caribbean reef sharks swim over a coral reef in the Bahamas.