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Celebrate Earth Day by Thinking of the Ocean

A student helps deploy one of his school's adopted drifters for NOAA's Adopt a Drifter Program.

NOAA Corps Captain John Adler shows a budding ocean scientist how to deploy his school's adopted drifter.



The surface of the Earth is 71% water, so we should celebrate the ocean this Earth Day. This Earth Day on Sunday, April 22nd, think of what you can do on an everyday basis to help our Planet Ocean. The ocean provides us with so much - from beach weekends with family and friends to the regulation of our climate. 

Many organizations are hosting events this weekend for you to participate in and learn about ways to conserve our land and ocean. 

NOAA is celebrating Earth Day by launching buoys with the Adopt a Drifter Program. Students at six U.S. locations are teaming up with international student partners to place floating buoys throughout the ocean. The buoys will drift with the help of ocean currents and record the sea surface temperature and location of the buoy as they travel. The information gained from the buoys can help track oil spills, improve weather forecasts and better understand where animal and plant species move throughout the ocean.  

The US Environmental Protection Agency is asking us all to join a conversation about the environment and what green tips and tricks you can use everyday. You can also add your everyday change to the Earth Day Networks Billion Acts of Green.  

Looking for an event near you? You can find NOAA events here and more general events from the EPA here.

What are you doing this Earth Day? 


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