Biodiversity in the Baltic Sea

In the spring of 2011, a research crew from Oceana spent two months in the brackish Baltic Sea. The Baltic faces challenges from pollution, algae blooms, over fishing, and invasive species. Oceana researchers gathered data, samples, photographs, and videos with the goal of proposing an expanded set of marine protected areas.

Using divers and an underwater robot, the crew documented the biodiversity in the waters off every country bordering the Baltic. The team covered more than 7,000 nautical miles and completed more than 130 dives. Oceana is planning a follow-up expedition in the spring of 2012. Watch videos and learn more about the expedition on Oceana's website.

A photo of Oceana's ice class research vessel, the Hanse Explorer, on the Baltic Sea.
A photo of oceanographer Xavier Pastor aboard an Oceana research vessel surrounded by ice in the Baltic SeaA yellow remotely operated underwater vehicle, or ROV, at the surface of the water. A photo of a red-colored sea anemone photographed in the Baltic Sea. Acorn barnacles living on top of a crab. A close-up photo of dead man's fingers (Alcyonium digitatum), living in the Baltic Sea.A reddish-orange nudibranch.A SCUBA diver in taking photographs in the Baltic Sea. A snailfish, with brown and white stripes. A photo of a European flounder in the Baltic Sea. Map of Oceana's 2011 expedition to the Baltic Sea